Much needed break!

Hey guys! I know this blog is long overdue, but I’m finally getting back to my routine and getting some time to write. Anyway, keeping all that stuff apart, I want to start my blog just the way I started the year 2017. In the beautiful land of Andaman!

This trip happened at a time when I badly needed a break from my monotonous life. I know you guys must be wondering why I’m talking about something that happened 10 months ago. That’s because my trip to Andamans was one of the most beautiful trips so far. Also, those of you who follow me on Instagram know that ever since I have visited this place, I have been obsessed with the place. Pristine beaches, blue water, endless clear sky and its rich history are some of the things that have definitely stolen my heart. So let me dive right in!

Now, since I was travelling with my family, we had booked a packaged group tour. This left me with little space for exploring. On the other hand, our entire trip was organized to the smallest of details and we had literally nothing to worry about.

The fastest way of getting to Andaman and Nicobar islands is by air. Since there are no direct flights from Mumbai to Andaman, we had taken a halt at Chennai. The Port Blair airport is a tiny and cute version of the Mumbai International airport.

During the second half of the first day of my tour, we visited the Cellular Museum and Cellular Jail. Later, we visited the Veer Sawarkar smarak where we were greeted with a light and sound show. On our second day, we visited the Chatham Saw Mill which is one of the largest sawmills in Asia. Later on our second day there, we took a ferry to the Ross island which houses ruins of old buildings like ballroom, church, Government house, etc.

On my third day there, we were to travel to Havelock and let me tell you, the way from Port Blair to Havelock was one of the worst by far. We were travelling on a cruise and the sea was extremely rough that day. So no surprise, everyone on the cruise ended up getting seasick (Yikes!) Needless to say, we weren’t looking for any adventures for the rest of the day. We ended up riding a cycle down to Radhanagar beach which was located 5 minutes away from our hotel.

On our fourth day, we visited the Elephant beach where we indulged in various water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat ride. Along with this, there were a couple more rides like sea walking.

On our fifth day, we travelled back to Port Blair and thank god the sea gods were good to us and it was a smooth ride back. Upon reaching Port Blair, we visited a few of the local museums there, which I’m not a big fan of, but couldn’t skip it. On our sixth and last day at Andaman, we proceeded to the Jolly Buoy island which is the most beautiful place I’ve seen so far! We took part in some more water sports activities here and basically chilled at this place.

I know this was a long read but trust me I’ve left out a lot more from this trip.

P.S. The only way to travel between two islands is by sea (if that’s not obvious already.) So if you are someone who gets seasick easily, you might want to keep medications handy (I know I did.)

I’m definitely looking forward to visiting this place again and exploring it on my own. Is this place on your list as well?

Until next time!