Medicare at your doorsteps!

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well. This is yet another blog after a long delay and that is because I have been too busy with work stuff. So let’s get right into what I’m going to share with you today, shall we?
I’m sure only a few of you know I have a younger sister who is diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at birth. Due to this, we have spent innumerable hours in the waiting room waiting for the doctor to get free. And you cannot always guarantee the doctor’s availability. So it was a blessing when I came across Zoctr, an app which allowed me to consult with a doctor from the comfort of my home!
This is a one of a kind app available on the market and it allows you to consult with a doctor from the comfort of your home! Your appointment with the doctor is confirmed once you have added all the patient as well as the appointment details. And you can rest assured that there will be a qualified medical professional on your doorsteps at the set time.
All you have to do while booking an appointment is open the app. The in-built GPS system will track your location. Once you have added all the necessary details, the app will match you with various certified medical professionals like nurses, doctors, physiotherapists or attendants based on your requirements. You also get the option to book various types of medical equipment for a period of time.

An important feature to point out is that you can manage multiple patient profiles, which can come in handy at times. you also get the option to make new bookings, renew, hold or stop your bookings easily. Another thing to note is that you can easily track the staff attendance on the app itself and if you are facing any issues, you can contact the support team without a hitch.
Since this is an app for the modern times, the payments can be tracked on the app without any difficulty. You can make payments online as the app has integrated payment gateways and e-wallet options available. The interface of the app is easy to understand and anyone can effortlessly navigate through the app.
This app can come in handy for a lot of people, especially those who stay away from home as well as for the senior citizens staying alone. So, the next time you are sick, you can book an appointment with the doctor and have him visit you at your home! That’s it for today!
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